Strategic Planning

As your corporation grows, your need for professional audio, video and lighting needs will also grow. SVL will help you plan for and understand the equipment that will meet your business needs today and in the future, even if we are not the company that ultimately sells you the equipment. Include SVL early in your planning to ensure the system you install is the one that best meets your needs.


No one wants to spend more than they need to or purchase the wrong equipment. Knowing what to purchase and how much to spend can be difficult if you do not do it every day. Our professionals at SVL will help you design your system, establish a budget you can live with based on your needs, and then manage your budget as part of our service to you.

Project Management

Once you have decided on the system your church or business needs, SVL will help you ensure that timelines of delivery and installation are met. In fact, SVL can manage the entire process as part of our service to you.


Having the right equipment is critical. Having people who know how to use it properly is equally important in making your in-house sound, video and lighting system function the way it was designed. SVL professionals will train your staff to ensure they know why and how the systems work, making your presentations look and sound the way you know they should be.

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